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has been providing the finest monuments and services since 1992. 

Since 1992, KUHN MEMORIALS has been designing and installing the finest memorials throughout the United States.  We are proud to source our memorials from Buttura & Gherardi Granite Artisans, the finest manufacturer in North America. Our memorials are fully warrantied from the manufacturer and each customer receives a warranty.  The design team creates a detailed sketch that the customer reviews prior to custom crafting each and every memorial. Our carvings and lettering are the deepest and clearest in the industry.  We offer traditional, cremation, pet and civic memorials.  In addition, KUHN MEMORIALS provides private and community mausoleums and columbariums.  We work with granite, marble and bronze.

KUHN MEMORIALS cleans and restores monuments throughout the region.  We also provide urns, engraving, ceramic photos, votive lights, flower vases, landscape services, bronze flag holders, flags, flower, plant and wreath placements.

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