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Votive Lights, Flower Vases and Flag Holders

KUHN MEMORIALS offers votive lights, candles, solar votive lights, bronze flag holders and flags to enhance the aesthetics of any family lot.

Votive Lights & Candles

Our beautiful American made votive lights, with a candle, burn for approximately six days and are used to remember your loved ones.   They are typically used on special occasions, such as birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. We have candles for the votive lights available individually or by the case.  If your prefer, we have solar votive lights too. Different color cylinders such as blue and red are available.


Flower Vases

All of our aluminum flower vases are made in the USA. They are placed in-ground, using a protective sleeve when they are not in use. Simply turn the vase upright, lock it in place, and place your fresh cut flowers in the vase.  When the vase is not being used, it is stored upside down in the protective sleeve below grade level.


Flags & Holders

We carry American made bronze flag holders that are designed to hold flags commemorating first responders and every branch of the military. These bronze flag holders can also feature the war in which the veteran served, dating all the way back to the Revolutionary War.  Replacement flags, crafted with pride in the USA, are available.

WW II bronze flag holder
Beautiful bronze flag holder and flag
Patriotic American bronze flag holder
Vietnam War bronze flag holder
Vietnam War bronze flag holder
Iraq War bronze flag holder
Army National Guard bronze flag holder
Volunteer Fire Department bronze flag holder
Korean War bronze flag holder
WW I bronze flag holder

Contact our friendly staff in South Hero, Vermont, for votive candles, lights, and accessories for your loved one's memorial.

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