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Distinguished Memorials

KUHN MEMORIALS offers a varity of Monuments, Mausoleums, Benches, Cremation Memorials, Pet Memorials, and Markers in bronze, marble and granite. These monuments are made from materials quarried throughout the world and we can create beautiful designs using any color, shape, or size.
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Memorials & Monuments

Our Heirloom and Artisan granite memorials are fully warrantied. You can also choose a made-to-order monument that is based off a painting, picture, flower, or piece of jewelry. We've even worked from construction equipment. Our team is also aware of what cemeteries will and will not allow, so you do not order a design that cannot be placed in the cemetery.


Our Mausoleums are custom-built and designed at our facility in Vermont. You can arrange enough space for one to a dozen caskets or multiple cremation urns. Choose from a number of options for the bronze doors and stained glass windows.  Both walk-ins and above ground options are available.

Contact us regarding our customized memorials or mausoleums to honor the memory of someone you love.

Call Toll Free (877) 631-7458 in South Hero, VT, for more about our grave markers or cleaning services.

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